New rules -For the better?

On 1st June a number of new rules and changes will take place ready  for Euro 2016. It will be interesting  to see how much these will have an effect on the championship and how the referees deal with the rule changes.

Notably the biggest change of all comes from kick off. Since the first rules were introduced, when the game kicks off or restarts after a goal has been scored, the ball would have to move forward, from 1st June, players will be able to kick it in any direction. Crazy as it seems kicking off with the ball only able to go forward, has never brought any issues in the game whether it be professional or amateur. I dont know about anyone else, but at kick off we just got on with the game. Im not sure whether players will take that much advantage of this rule change.

Now one that may bring relief to some defenders unless they are on a yellow card or a clumsy oaf, is the ‘triple punishment’. The punishment for committing the same offence of bringing down the last man will no longer be met with a red card unless the violent conduct has been committed.

Players who like to partake in pre match fisticuffs will find that those scuffles will bring out the punishment of a red card. Should this happen, one or both teams won’t start with ten men, but the manager(s) in question will be able to use a substitute in place of the red carded player. I wouldn’t want to be the offender if during a game a player is injured and can’t be replaced because of a pretty match square up.

Now, football rule changes wouldnt be the same if the offside rules werent tinkered with. This one coud certainly make things interesting and see a few goals chalked off. First off no longer will hands or arms be counted in the decision and free kicks for offsides will be from where the offside offence is committed.

Penalty takers might want to take particular notice at one rule. if they attempt to feint or dummy the keeper as they take their penalty, they will be given a yellow card and not allowed to retake the kick.

With England friendlies counting including the rule changes, it will be interesting to see how things pan out.









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