Leicester City have the last laugh

Having spent last Christmas at the bottom of the table and having avoided relegation, the 2015/16 season didnt look fantastically great. Claudio Ranieri took over in the summer much to the puzzlement of many fans. Having been sacked by Greece following a poor qualifying campaign, taking over Leicester City was the last place you would have expected the former Chelsea manager, but that is where he ended up. A stroke of genius it would seem as we enter the Christmas fixtures programme.

With a game against Liverpool on Boxing Day and Manchester City a few days later, Leicester have only lost against Arsenal out of the big guns. They have taken a point against Man Utd and Spurs and have beaten Chelsea. A quite impressive record.

¬†Leicester City fans will also be feeling quite chirpy as they have almost secured their stay in the Premier League. Ranieri’s target was 40 points, well that’s almost done. They have equalled the total of wins for the whole of last season and are within nine points of last seasons final total. Last season they bagged a total of 46 goals and conceded 55. This season after 17 games they have bagged 37 and conceded 24. With Jamie Vardy on fire at the moment, unless he has an injury or goes on a barren run, Leicester are looking very good and most certain to have their best Premier League finish as well as their best top flight finish since the 1960’s.

Whilst even the most passionate Foxes fan could only dream of seeing their team lift the title, whatever happens this season, they will be very pleased with how the club bounced back.

All too late? – Fifa’s move for change

Fifa appear to be finally learning from the mess that has engulfed the organisation and brought the end of Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini. They have appeared to decide to make a U turn on the decision not to have fixed terms along with more stronger checks on how the organisation is run.

 Fixed term appointments are not a bad thing, but they should have been put in place years ago. Had this been done, we may not have been in this position to begin with. Hindsight though is a wonderful thing.

In my opinion though the whole of the FIFA executive committee should be scrapped and started again. As it stands the Executive committee consists of one president, one Senior Vice President, seven Vice Presidents, sixteen members one Co-opted member for Special Tasks and the General Secretary.

Frankly that seems a ridiculous amount of members in the role of Vice President on an executive committee. Does FIFA actually require seven Vice Presidents? Im not sure it does to be honest. They should instead have one outright president, one deputy president and two Vice Presidents. The members should consist of three members from each of the Associations. An equal balance within the associations would mean equal balance and fairness in FIFA.

Openess should have always been the case with FIFA, especially with such a big organisation. In 2015 it should be the norm without hesitation. Whilst it is is positive, it is very much shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

Notably with the recent events, the changes in FIFA, may require investigations within the other affected to root out any possible issues. Trouble wont be sorted with just an investigation at the highest of the organisations. It needs change all over. We shall though have to wait and see.