Time For Genuine Change – FIFA needs more than just Blatter gone

Despite the election then resignation intent of Sepp Blatter, it is going to require much more than just his resignation to get the organisation back to where it should be. In theory FIFA as we know it, should be shut down and a new organisation set up with fair impartial elections a brand new committee to drive the organisation forward in a positive manner. Ultimately it would see the removal of Russia and Qatar as the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively.

The removal of Russia and Qatar as hosts of the World Cups they were selected for, may to some seem unfair. In reality though it is the only thing to be done. Whilst Russia could have claimed  legitimate reasons for hosting the World Cup, their stances on certain aspects, would make it difficult for an enjoyable competition. 

In the case of Qatar, there is no justification for the country to be hosting the prestigious tournament. There is no football heritage, there is no proper football history or decent football set up. How can a nation whose summers are far too hot, no World Cup history, socially backwards, even be genuinely hosting a World Cup. There was talk that the competition could be moved to the winter to enable reasonable conditions. No bloody chance. UEFA with a backbone would kick up a fuss.

With the investigations picking up, word would appear that there were allegations that both Russia and Qatar bought votes, the possibilities of FIFA stripping the current 2018 and 2022 hosts of their award are becoming ever more realistic. The rightful thing would either be to have a new process or award it it to one of the nations that had missed out before. The 2018 World Cup could come to England and the 2022 World Cup could go to Australia.

Until Blatter has departed and the many of the remaining officials removed, we may not get to see what the fans truly deserve, the beautiful game being enjoyed for the on field delights and not the off field nightmares.


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