Idiots week

They say it never rains but it pours, this week it certainly it was the equivalent of a downpour in stupidity. If it wasn’t footballers being idiots it was the referee and if it wasn’t the referee it was the ‘fans’, although I use fans in its loosest of terms.

Wednesday night saw something of a dismal tie between Newcastle United and Man Utd which the Old Trafford side win with a fortunate goal, that though wasn’t the story of the night. That was the incident between Papiss Cisse and Jonny Evans. Evans spat at Cisse which saw the toon striker retaliate. Cisse accepted the charge whilst Evans denied it and Van Gaal went as far as defending the Northern Ireland player saying that he wasn’t that kind of player. Unfortunately for Evans it was caught on tape. You cant deny it if you get caught however much you try. The FA handed out a 6 match ban to Evans and a 7 match ban for Cisse, increased due to a previous ban.

Anthony Taylor was in charge of the FA Cup tie between Aston Villa and West Brom and what was looking like a straight forward win, saw the game marred by two ridiculous decisions. West Brom saw Yacob received second card for what looked like a two footed tackle but was far from it. To make it more ridiculous, Taylor let play go on before making his decision to show the West Brom player a second yellow. Taylor wasnt quite finished there in the incompetency, with the game almost over he chose to give a second yellow card to Aston Villa youngster Jack Grealish for what was simulation. This appeared to be a harsh decision as it looked like the Villa player was clipped trying to avoid a collision with a West Brom defender, but hey when does a referee ever let a game through without spoiling it.

From the same game, Aston Villa supporters ruined the game by running on to the pitch. The stupid thing is that Aston Villa were winning the game. There will be no doubt consequences for Villa due to a minority of fans who decided to ruin it for others. Notably the majority of fans were booing the pitch invaders, but that wont stop the FA taking any action against the Midlands club. English football doesnt need another episode of mindless stupidity after the Chelsea train incident. English football doesnt need to be taking backwards steps.