From top of the world to mid-table in league one in 26 years – The debut of Dan Raywood

Last weekend saw Spurs (my team, you’ll see me write about them primarily) play Coventry City in the third round of the FA cup. For the well remembered and stattos among you, or failing that those of you who read Saturday’s sport sections will recall, this was a replay of the 1987 final.
It was watching the side of Hoddle, Waddle, Ardiles, Gough and Allen that swung me into following Spurs that day. You may feel that it is strange to choose the losing side and stick with them, but that is what I did and 26 years on, I am still with them. Although there has been some tough times, mainly called the 1990s, supporting Spurs is a joy. Most people like them as a second team, we play attractive football and have a reputation of having classy players: Gascoigne, Ginola, Defoe, Modric, Bale.
However for Coventry, history has not served them so well. A famous exit in 1989 to Sutton United has been followed by relegation and financial issues, to the point that Saturday’s match was probably seen as an unwinnable cash-cow. The 3-0 win, with goals from Dempsey and Bale, seemed pretty academic from my Soccer Saturday standpoint. It also saw the return of Scott Parker and Benoit Assou-Ekotto to the first team but what was an academic win for Spurs was probably the biggest match of the season for our opponents.
Times do change – look at the demise of Bradford City, Sheffield United and many others in the championship, but if there was a gulf of quality in 1987, it’s now an ocean in 2013. It’s not that I feel sorry for Coventry, they were one of the clubs that had the new stadium and having attended a match during Chris Coleman’s reign, a very nice one it is too. However this undoing is all too common now and while many clubs ‘need an Abrahamovic’, Coventry have been better served than many others, and need to realise where things went wrong post-1987.

However I will not lie about it, I don’t have a lot of love for Coventry. They had a touch of the Wimbledon about them and in the way Arsenal fans still dislike York City and Wrexham, losing in such a style does hurt. So in a way, this does serve as some sort of recompense for me as a Spurs fan, and I hope the future is brighter from here on for the Sky Blues.


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